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Adjuvant for improving the performance of phytosanitary treatments in agricultural crops.

VITAL 90 is a colorless, odorless liquid product containing 90% isodecylated ethoxylated alcohol, a non-ionic surfactant substance, with an adjuvant role to increase the effectiveness of phytosanitary treatments in agricultural crops.

VITAL 90 acts as an adjuvant with multiple effects in potentiating the biological action, respectively, added to the treatment solution, giving it:

- a reduction of the superficial droplet tension, providing a finer dispersion with a higher wetting and coating capacity;
- better adhesion of sprayed solution on the plant foliage and reduction of leakage;
- a higher moisture retention capacity on the sprayed foliage;
- an increase in contact, penetration and absorption surfaces of the sprayed solution, resulting in an increase in the efficiency of applied treatments, especially under drought conditions, and in particular against weeds or crop plants with hardr-to-wet foliage.