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    no. 2352/19.12.2006 (*product available only with derogation)
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    Packaging of 1 L, 5 L and 20 L
  • ® NUFARM registered mark.

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Systemic insecticide for the treatment of cereal seeds for autumn sowing.

NUPRID® AL 600 FS contains 600 g imidacloprid/liter, it is a concentrated, fine, homogeneous, red color suspension, with a tendency to be deposited over time but with a good capacity to return to homogeneous system.

NUPRID® AL 600 FS is a systemic insecticide with contact and ingestion action. By the imidacloprid content, it acts on soil and plant pests, providing plants with a very good protection against many pests that damage cereal crops during the first part of the growing season.

The insecticidal action of the product is based on the rapid effect on the insect's nervous system.