Arysta Lifescience Benelux SPRL, Belgia
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    Arysta Lifescience Benelux SPRL, Belgia
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  • Certification number:

    no. 439PC / 15.11.2018
  • Packaging:

    packages of 10ml, 100ml, 1 L
  • ® ALCHIMEX registered mark.

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FASTER ® DELTA is a clear, yellow liquid with an aromatic odor.

FASTER ® DELTA is an insecticide, based on deltamethrin (pyrethroid), it operates by contact and ingestion in the nervous system. It has a repellent and shock effect, being like a nutrition inhibitor on insects. It has an effect on crops for 7-10 days, regardless of the stage of vegetation. Complete and uniform coating of plants is absolutely necessary for protection against insect attack. It has a very good effectiveness on adults and larvae.