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    no. 2346/06.09.2006
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    Packaging of 500 ml, 1 L and 5 L
  • ® ALCHIMEX registered mark.

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ASTRAL® 40 OD (40 g/l nicosulfuron) is a fine, homogeneous, mobile dispersion in oil (vegetable oil) with a tendency to be deposited in time but with a good capacity to return to a homogeneous, cream-colored system. ASTRAL® 40 OD is a post-emergence systemic herbicide, selective for maize, which is used to control annual and perennial weeds in corn crops. The product is absorbed through the leaves and roots and is translocated to all vegetative parts of the weeds, stopping them growing, their destruction being observed within 15-25 days, depending also on the humidity and ambient temperature, during which time no interference with manual or mechanical breeding must occur.