Agrochemical evaluations


General informations

We are among the few companies in the field to conduct soil and water analysis for farmers, with an accredited laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The main purpose is to support them with information on soil fertility, water quality used for irrigation and application of phytosanitary treatments, as well as recommendations on fertilization and amelioration possibilities.

Agrochemical laboratory

Soil analysis

In order to choose the most suitable fertilizers and their efficient use, the knowledge of soil quality is the key element. Soil is the main partner of farmers, and performance cannot be achieved in the absence of soil information. The economic efficiency, in the short and long term, depends to a large extent on soil fertility and technological approach. That is why crop fertilization in the absence of soil information brings disadvantages: waste of financial and energy resources (fertilizer costs, application, etc.) and soil and groundwater pollution. Ensuring effective soil nutrition begins with an analysis of the soil. The services offered have a high degree of flexibility to suit all requirements.

Water analysis

Knowing the quality of water used for irrigating crops and applying phytosanitary treatments will ensure you about their efficiency and will prevent the occurrence of phenomena harmful to your activity, such as phytotoxicity. Water is another major partner of farmers, knowledge of water is efficient in irrigation and phytosanitary treatments. Unsuitable water can adversely affect your activity by reducing the life of equipment (machinery, piping, irrigation and spraying nozzles) and the occurrence of possible phenomena of phytotoxicity or soil pollution.