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    no. 2078/19.12.2000
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    Packaging of 250 g, 1 kg
  • ® ALCHIMEX registered mark.

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Fungicid cu acţiune preventivă şi curativă pentru controlul manei din culturile de viţa de vie şi cartof

MANOXIN® MIX contains 8% metalaxyl + 64% mancozeb as a yellow fine, homogeneous, non-agglomerating powder.

MANOXIN® MIX combines the systemic properties of metalaxyl, which is part of the phenylamide class (PA-fungicides), and the protective action of mancozeb, which is part of the EBDC class (ethylene-bisdithiocarbamate). Metalaxyl penetrates the plant tissue and spreads throughout the plant, especially via xylem. Mancozeb protects the plant surface against new fungal infections by forming a protective layer.