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    no. 2077/19.12.2000
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    Packaging of 250 g, 1 kg
  • ® ALCHIMEX registered mark.

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Fungicide with preventive and curative action for control of the blight in the vineyard, tomato and potato crops.

MANOXIN® COMBIcontains 8% metalaxyl + 40% copper oxychloride as a greenish fine, homogeneous powder, without agglomeration tendency, greenish. MANOXIN COMBI combines the systemic action of metalaxyl and the protective action of copper. Metalaxyl penetrates rapidly into the tissues of the plant and spreads throughout the plant shortly, especially via xylem. The spread of the product in the plant is not impaired if the rain begins after application of the spraying solution. Metalaxyl has a lasting action with an effective control period of 14 days. In potato crops, this period is 10 days for advanced diseases. Copper (as oxychloride) protects the plant's surface from new infections by forming a protective layer. With metalaxyl formulation, product efficiency is improved due to preventive control of pathogens that cause diseases such as blight and alternariosis.