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    Packaging of 10 ml, 100 ml and 1 L
  • ® ALCHIMEX registered mark.

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Insecticide with a broad spectrum of action in combating pests of crop, ornamental and forestry plants.

FASTER® 10 CE contains 100 g of cypermethrin/liter, in the form of a straw-yellow clear, homogeneous, Emulsifiable concentrate, with a specific odor.

FASTER® 10 CE is an insecticide with a contact and ingestion mode. At very low doses, it acts rapidly on the insect's nervous system, having a broad spectrum of action on a variety of lepidopteran, coleopteran, diphtheria, hemeter and other species with great potential for damage to field crops, vegetables, fruit-growing, viticulture and silviculture. It has a good residual action on the treated plants, with an inhibitory effect on the feeding of phytopathogenic insects.