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PACKAGING: 1 l and 5 l

PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES: VITAL 90 is a colourless and odourless liquid product containing min. 90% isodecyl etoxilated alcohol, belonging to the nonionic surfactants group and acting as an adjuvant for increasing the efficacy of the treatments.

ACTION: VITAL 90 has multiple effects upon the spraying solution such as:

– reducing the surface tension of the droplets ensuring a finer dispersion and creating a better wetting and covering efficacy.
– improving the adherence of the sprayed solution on the plants’ leaves and reducing leaks.
– improving the humidity retaining capability of the treated foliage
– increasing the contact, penetration and absorbtion surfaces of the applied solution which results in a higher efficiency of the treatments especially during drought and on weeds or crops having a hard wettable foliage.

USAGE: VITAL 90 can be used mixed with any of the RIVAL® herbicides (RIVAL® 75 GD, RIVAL® STAR 75 GD and RIVAL® SUPERSTAR 75 GD), either alone or mixed with the foliar fertiliser MICROFERT-U; with any of the postemergent herbicides that can be used with an nonionic surfactant; with fungicides ALCUPRAL 50 PU, MANOXIN M 60 PU, MANOXIN C 50 PU, TOPSIN 500 SC; with insecticides FASTER 10 CE and NUPRID AL 200 SC. VITAL 90 is to be used in 0.08 – 0.1% concentration (80 – 100 ml/100 l water) added in the spray tank.


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