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The story of Alchimex began in 1998, when a couple of experienced people in the field of plant protection products decided to form the first Romanian private company in the production of PPP. We currently take pride in the results of our team of 50 specialists, endowed with innovative view and team spirit, which focus their efforts on meeting the clients’ most demanding needs.

Over the years we have widened our product range up to 65 products , out of which 25 are based on original recipes.

We started this business with a plant for powder fungicide and insecticide formulation. In only two years, we managed to start up two other plants for emulsifiable concentrates and aqueous solutions, while in 2003 we started production on the fungicide and

DSC_1130-300x199insecticide suspension concentrate plant. The capacity of this plant was doubled in 2009. The plant for herbicide suspension concentrate followed naturally in 2008, while in 2009 we started up what represents our greatest investment so far, the plant for dispersable granules sulfonylurea herbicide. This plant was started up at the beginning of 2011 and became the largest of its kind in south-eastern Europe.

We currently operate production units for all formulation types and biological classes, with a total capacity of 10500 tonnes/y, except granulated fungicide and insecticide. This project is already in our investment plan for the next two years.

Our continuous concern for creating products of high quality standards has made us to invest right from the beginning in our own laboratory having two main purposes – applicative research and quality control – and equipped with modern analytical and micro scale devices.

From these pre-requisites over the years we have widened our product range up to 65 products, out of which 25 are based on original recipes, adapted to the needs of modern agriculture and domestic features. Our portfolio is characterised by a wide variety of formulation types, diversity of active substances and combinations between them as well as the crops for which these are intended.

This briefly reviews the up-to-date image of our accomplishments. Quality, efficacy and price have established our products on the Romanian agrochemical market and ranked our company leader of domestic producers. We strengthen the positive perception upon the results of the Romanian industry and competitiveness of Romanian products on the domestic market, with beneficial economic and social effects upon all of us.