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Policy Statement
Understanding requirements and the need to promote performance in its field, ALCHIMEX continuously apply and develop an integrated Quality – Environmental – Occupational Safety and Health, which aims to:

• to produce and deliver products that meets customers’ plant in accordance with the requirements of good agricultural practices that focus on crop quality, environment, human and animal health;
• adopt the best manufacturing practices and organization, to invest in production lines and equipments, providing increased product and service quality, reducing energy consumption, eliminating any loss technology, continuous improvement of the conditions of health and safety at work labor and environmental protection;
• to achieve full compliance with the requirements as growing the regulations in terms of quality products and services, occupational health and safety and environmental protection, thus ensuring the trust of customers, local authorities and local people;
• to train and develop professional skills of the staff, boost employee involvement in identifying and reporting issues relevant to product and service quality, environmental, occupational health and safety;
• ensure a safe and healthy work environment where risks are managed;
• continuously improve its performance relating to quality, health and safety and the environment.
General Director  assumes the responsibility to promote the necessary measures to improve the Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and allocates Management Representative’s full authority to implement, maintain and improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, aimed at enhancing capacity ALCHIMEX SA to meet market expectations, expectations of employees and other stakeholders, but also the responsibility to promote necessary measures to improve the Laboratory Quality Management System physicochemical in accordance with current standards in the field.
General Director  declares his commitment to providing the necessary resources for policy implementation and compliance activities declared legal requirements.